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"Our clients and partners have always benefited from the resourcefulness of our people."

Innovation lies at the heart of all our endeavours.From the point of engagement, we bring our expertise to the fore in approaching issues in the best possible way. Whether it is adopting new technologies, or using human intelligence, our clients and partners have always benefited from the resourcefulness of our people. Completing projects ahead of time, monitoring work site efficiency and an evolved feedback mechanism gives us the provision to inject value in our relationships.

Our experience in this industry has challenged us to perform the most complex, schedule-sensitive projects in fully operational facilities without causing interruption to ongoing end-user service. Whether your project concerns water quality and quantity, the construction of new facilities or retrofitting existing operations with new technologies, we are prepared to maximize your ability to provide optimal service to your customers.


New techniques of building construction are being researched, made possible by advances in 3D printing technology. In a form of additive building construction, similar to the additive manufacturing techniques for manufactured parts, building printing is making it possible to flexibly construct small commercial buildings and private habitations in around 20 hours, with built-in plumbing and electrical facilities, in one continuous build, using large 3D printers. We use these techniques to help customers see a glimpse of their projects.

In the current trend of sustainable construction, the recent movements of New Urbanism and New Classical Architecture shiv group promotes a sustainable approach towards construction, that appreciates and develops smart growth, architectural tradition and classical design. This is in contrast to modernist and short-lived globally uniform architecture, as well as opposing solitary housing estates and suburban sprawl.Both trends were started in coorg by Shiv Group

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